The Band

Brian's Photo Brian LeVene - Bass & Vocals

Brian plays lots of instruments, sings, writes songs and likes the Grateful Dead.
Mark's Photo Mark Morse - Drums & Hand Percussion

Mark grew up in Davis California in the late 60s and 70’s listening to the socially conscious music of the times. By age 12 Mark knew rhythm was his musical passion. In 1975 his parents bought him his first kit and drum lessons ensued. During his school days he played drums for the 1977 Holmes Junior High Beginning Band and 1979 Davis High Marching Band. During his teens Mark’s drumming was influenced by the driving drumming styles of John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and Neil Pert (Rush). But he also remained interested in jazz, rhythm & blues, and the music of the 60s. At age 15 he joined his first rock band. After high school Mark attended UC Santa Barbara where in 1986 he joined Nobody’s Business, a So-Cal surf band that played frat houses and the UCSB college scene. In the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s Mark’s musical interests took a more experimental path. After meeting his then hippie girl friend (now wife Lisa) and attending countless shows, Mark turned “Dead Head.” He began studying the music of the Grateful Dead and drumming styles of Mickey Hart and Phil Kritzman. After returning to northern California in 1990, Mark continued following the Dead and playing their music in several Sacramento area-based Grateful Dead tribute bands, most notably: Sirius Sunshine (early 1990s); Deadlocke (2000s) and High Low Jack (2013). In between Grateful Dead projects Mark drummed for the Sacramento based band Blind Train ((1997) and played hand drums/percussion with the acoustic folk group LuMaDae (1999). Mark enjoys playing the familiar but not so often heard tunes, the music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, the percussive dynamics of shakers, brushes and hand drums, and stretching the jams while exploring rhythm in all musical styles.
Phil's Photo Phil Summers - Guitar

Phil's journey to Hardwater has been a "long and winding road". He started playing in public in 1965 in his homeland Wales. He played in several Welsh bands in the late 60's and got to meet bands that have now become legendary: Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Traffic, The Who, and the Mothers of Invention. While some of his former band-mates graduated to Van Morrison and Joe Cocker, Phil went to college but still played music. A highlight of this period was performing for Alan Ginsberg and Peter Orlovski. In California, while a researcher at UC Davis he played Irish Music with "Whisky Before Breakfast" Latin Jazz with “Rio Thing", jump blues with "Slaves of Rhythm", featuring the unforgettable Stevie Pion on RIPPIN' blues harp. The World Music band "!Akimbo" followed with 4 CDs of original music. Phil also worked with the acclaimed jazz sax player John Tchicai in "Domestic Improv". He also plays reggae in "Brother Errol G", "One Sharp Mind" and "Spencer Borup". Phil’s hypnotic montunos and elegant jazz, and Catherine's striking voice and catchy songs live on inYOLO MAMBO!
John's Photo John Swann - Vocals & Guitar

In the mid 70s John played guitar and sang in the "The Rentals" - a folk/rock band, lead by Glen McClughan and based in Victoria B.C. His biggest musical heroes growing up in the '60s were Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, and Frank Zappa. Following a long hiatus from performing, John has been active on the Davis music scene for the last 10 years. In addition to playing with Hardwater, he has performed at various times with folk artists Katie Henry, Ray Frank, and Laura Sandage of Mudlark, and has has also collaborated with guitarist / vocalist Andrew Corbett. Recently John has also added song-writing and bass playing to his musical endeavors.